Located in Catania since 2004, our Law Firm provides legal advisory and assistance in trials in:

  • Administrative law

The firm’s practice covers the entire spectrum of administrative law, and its services include advising and assisting clients, and agreement negotiations at the following levels:

- local (Municipalities and intermediate bodies);

- regional (Sicilian Region, its ministries, its local offices);

- State, with regard to bodies and agencies directly operating in Sicily.

- E. U. and International: aiming to promote a wide range of international scientific and cultural exchanges between sicilian public entities and foreign public partners,  the firm combines international public law and internal administrative law into an innovative way dedicated to enhance para-diplomatic direct international relationships related to under-State level public administrations (according to so-called City Diplomacy)

  • Tax law




According to its Statute, the Sicilian Region has its own set of rules -in many cases, very different from the common Italian one- in most relevant and/or strategic matters as, for instance, land regulatories, cultural heritage and environment, tourism, transport, industry and commerce, agricolture, viability, public finance, etc.

Such political and administrative competences, in turn, are often shared with -or entirely devolded to- lower bodies (municipalities, former-provinces, etc.) or regional agencies (for instance, naturalistic parks), or even to special offices operating within the Ministries of the Sicilian Region.

Thus, those who intend to approach Sicily at any level should rely on Professionals who are able to manage a stronge knowledge of sicilian regional laws, as well as of bureaucratic framework of sicilian government and local bodies, and their related administrative praxis.

Last but not least, strong knowledge of potential and socio-economic context of the territory, and constant presence in loco  - extended to an operative wide network of high level Lawyers and Professionals in Palermo and Messina- should be considered as remarkable plus: the more proficiency on -and proximity to- places of your interest, the more efficiency and quickniness in your desired outcomes.


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