"City-diplomacy means all those facilities and mechanisms used on both international and local level to establish co-operation forms between Cities and Metropolitan areas aimed at pursuing their economical and social policy development within a local framework. [...]

City diplomacy's dare hasn't any intent to substite itself to traditional Government diplomacy but to transmutate into a micro-local based level, the proximity one, the most well-known models used by Governments each other to implement economical, political, cultural co-operation between both near and far Nations. [...]

Then City-diplomacy becomes the instrument territoriality has -under its own economical, political and cultural forms- both for its preservation and promotion”  

(Abstracts from La city-diplomacy come strumento per la liberazione delle città?, E.M. Le Fevre Cervini, 2013)


"Solutions to global challenges often come from surprising places. City-to-city relationships, managed by committed individuals with shared purpose and belief, offer a way to conduct international relations that receives far less appreciation than it deserves. [...] 

Citizen exchanges and sister city relationships bring people together to discover what we have in common. The relationships we build today, people-to-people, city-to-city, are the foundation of the type of society we envision for tomorrow".

(Abstracts from "In defense of city diplomacy", Gary Barnabo, 2015)